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The Latin Dance Academy in Hamburg/Germany is the european cooperation partner of the Cuba TV Ballet (Compañia de Ballet de la Television Cubana), lead by Christi Dominguez. Whether it's Rumba, Mambo, Son, Cha Cha Chá, Salsa or Contemporary Dance - all theses styles are represented by Cuba's finest dancers.

The dancers and choreographers of the Compañia are the most wanted artists for international productions and are open to cultural influences from other countries, which find a way into their ongoing development.

Among other things, the cooperation consists of a delegation of dancers and choreographers from the Ballet to the Latin Dance Academy in Hamburg, to give europeans a chance to study the latest developments of cuban dance.

In return, the students of the Latin Dance Academy get a chance to be instructed by artists of the Ballet, during their times in Cuba.

Single and group courses are possible.

All this, in the studios of the Ballet, pure authentic atmosphere.

Interested in happy, cuban joy of life and professional instruction? So click here!


La Macumba
Der Salsa-Club in Hamburgs City

Musik zum Hören -
           Musik zum Tanzen -
                      Das Leben geniessen.

Immer freitags und samstags

Salsa pur mit den DJs Miguel Angel und David

Adenauerallee 3 - gegenüber dem ZOB



















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